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What makes Financial One Doctor Mortgage Ohio loan special

* 100% Financing - No Money Down
* No PMI / No Mortgage Insurance

* Great rates
* No Pre-Payment Penalty
* Flexible Loan Programs - Choose the payment option that is Best for you
* Move in months prior to starting your next position
* Professional advice from 27 years of Morgage lending experience
* Favorable treatment for the student loans
* May close before you actually start working.


The Doctor Mortgage Loan is a great loan for doctors regardless of whether they are just out of medical school, in residency, or for physicians who have been in practice for many years.

We provide excellent service , professional advice with our years of experience .. see our testimonials

"After working with 2 different loan officers that seemed to have better things to do than help me get a great loan (different companies not affiliated with financial one) the heavens opened, waters parted, and out of a quick google search jumped Mike D of financial one. Now i have to say i was super skeptical about organizing a near 400k loan over the phone with a man I had never met and likely woud not meet during the entire process. However, given that mediocrity has become the norm these days i was willing to try a new experience. This is not my first rodeo and of the half a dozen different loans i have held in my life i can tell you that this man IS the man to call. It doesnt hurt that he has at his disposal the lowest interest rates in the midwest. Knowledge is his middle name and his ability to manipulate the numbers to provide solutions to your concerns or fears is a major strength. Specifically he helped me find a nest egg where i did not think an egg could exist. I consider myself a smart person with a lot of common sense knowledge and Mike was able to present me with ideas and things that i would have never thought of that make the loan portion of my house build simply an afterthought. If you need a large sum of money for a house or whatever and you want to sleep tonight like you just slipped into a tub full of sleeping pills, call and ask for Mike D. Seriously im a real person and im telling you that your search is over just give him one chance. Signed, A new costomer of financial one".. Trevor

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The Doctor Loan is the right home mortgage…

For Medical Students : If you plan to buy a home upon graduating from Medical School, Contact us to get the right advice and be prepared or you can fill out our easy to use Get a quote form.


For Residents : Are you in your residency ? Contact us, you can put zero down payment and purchase your first home.


For Practicing Physicians: If you are a practicing physician, time to get your dream home with our No PMI/No Money down Doctor Mortgage loan.

0 Down for upto 750k loan amount

5% Down for upto 1.25M loan amount
10% Down for upto 2.0 M loan amount

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