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What are Third-Party Costs?

These are expenses paid to be paid to others like inspectors or insurance firms, that are may be required even if you paid cash for the property:

Attorney Fees – You may want to hire an attorney when purchasing a home. Most will work for a flat fee or on a hourly basis, however some also charge a percentage of the selling price, typically up to 1%. This will likely depend on the expectation of what services you will expect them to perform on your behalf.

Title Search Costs – Usually you will work with a title company to verify a clear property title to ensure there are no obstacles such as liens or lawsuits regarding the property. Many real estate attorney's own title company's and provide this service in house. Private attorney's can perform these duties as well or work with the title company to review the transaction.

Homeowner's Insurance – Most lenders require you prepay the first year's premium for Homeowners Insurance, sometimes called Hazard Insurance at the closing. This insures that the investment will be secured even if the property is destroyed. Typically you will provide the contact information for the agent of choice to your lender early in the loan process and your lender will do the work to insure the policy is paid at closing.

Real Estate Agent's Sales Commission – The seller typically pays the real estate agent's commission. If one agent lists the property and another sells it, the commission is usually split between the agents. Ex: the seller's agent and the buyer's agent. The commission is typically negotiable between the seller and the agent(s) involved.

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